Woodcreek Drieds, Inc. is a true wholesale company, providing you with quality dried flowers.  Proof of business (vendor's number or similar evidence) is required.  THE PRICES LISTED ON OUR WEBSITE ARE WHOLESALE PRICES.  Retail orders are accepted.  Please contact us for more information about retail prices & ordering.



Our website is not set up to place orders.  The best way to place an order is by calling our office at toll free 1-800-664-1630.  We can take all of your ordering information, including your order, right over the phone.  You may also email your ordering information and order to sales@woodcreekdrieds.com.  (We suggest calling us with your credit card information for security purposes).

  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Valid Proof of Business (ie. Tax Id Number, EIN, or Resale Number)
  • Billing/Mailing Address, PO Box
  • Shipping Address
  • Phone Number (Contact & Shipping Address)
  • Email Address
  • Credit Card Information (Required at the time of order.  We do not keep cc info on file.)
    • Number
    • Expiration Date
    • V-Code
    • Billing Name & Address

All orders are shipped on a first come, first serve basis.  We do not guarantee same day shipping. 

Please have your order ready with product name, color, and quantity when calling to place an order. 

When emailing or faxing an order, please list the name of the item, quantity, and color if needed.  Please also include your company name, name, shipping address, and phone number.  Credit card information is required to consider an order complete. 

Credit card information is required at the time the order is placed, before products will be held, and an order will be processed and shipped.  We do not keep credit card information on file.

Minimum Order

Wholesale minimum order is $50.00.  A $5 service charge will apply to orders under $50.  (Please contact us for retail minimum and retail prices).

What is wholesale?

Wholesale is the selling of goods in large quantities to be retailed by others.  Wholesale prices are available to businesses who have a valid proof of their own business and have the intent to resell or use the items for their own business.  (A number from a neighbor's pet salon or husband's auto garage are not valid proofs of your business).  Wholesale is not meant to be used for personal use.  We appreciate your cooperation.

What is a valid proof of business?

Examples of a valid proof of business are documents with issued numbers such as a tax id number, resale number, EIN number, or resell permit.  These are numbers that are issued by the government to those who have a business.  A valid proof of business is required to receive the wholesale prices.  (A number from a neighbor's pet salon or husband's auto garage are not valid proofs of your business).  Woodcreek Drieds, Inc. is required to have a valid proof of business from all wholesale customers in case of audit.  Proofs of business can be faxed to us at 419-288-8203 or emailed to woodcreekdrieds@gmail.com.  All orders without a valid proof of business will be charged the retail prices and tax, if in Ohio.  We appreciate your cooperation.


Visa, Master Card, Discover & American Express are all accepted.  All other orders must be C.O.D. (cashier's check or money order only) shipped by UPS.  A C.O.D. fee will be added to your invoice.  $50.00 return check charge.  We do not accept personal checks.

Your credit card will be charged when your order is ready to ship.  For your safety & security, we do not keep credit card numbers on file.  Also for your safety & security, please call us with your credit card information rather than email.

Paypal payments are accepted however due to the extra steps involved, all Paypal orders will be delayed by one business day.  The order will not ship until payment is received.  For faster service please pay by credit card.

*All prices listed are in US Dollars, however there is a glitch in the website system that will not allow us to use dollar signs in the individual pages.


Shipping & handling charges will be added to all orders.  We do not offer free shipping.  We ship UPS Ground.  Because we understand the frustration of shipping cost, we do our very best to pack and send your orders the most economical way.  Shipping charges are determined by dimensional weight (size and weight of each box), number of boxes in the order, and where the order is being shipped.  (Insurance will also be added if needed and will be included in the shipping & handling fees.)  For this reason, shipping charges cannot be calculated until the order has been packed.  If you would like a shipping estimate, please do not hesitate to ask.  In some rare cases or with small orders, we will ship USPS Priority.  This decision will be made by Woodcreek Drieds, Inc. unless requested.  All large orders will ship UPS.  We ship within the United States and Canada ONLY.  We do not guarantee ship dates but try our best to ship orders out within 2 days.  Time in transit depends on your location.  Tracking numbers are available at request.  Please note that shipping companies normally raise their rates every year, sometimes twice a year.  They all (UPS, FedEx, United States Post Office) follow suit.  We understand the frustration and complaints of shipping costs but unfortunately there is nothing we can do.  For this reason, we recommend ordering enough to fill a box so the price of shipping is not more than the actual product.

Return of Merchandise

Returns can only be made after authorization from Woodcreek Drieds, Inc.  If you are dissatisfied with your order for any reason, please call us within 7 days of receiving your order and a method of return or credit will be determined.  Woodcreek Drieds, Inc. will only refund shipping costs on returns due to our mistake or issue.  No shipping refund will be given for those due to customer error or change of mind.  A 15% restocking fee may apply to orders returned due to customer error.  Woodcreek Drieds, Inc. will not be held responsible for any problems out of our control or liable for a sum which exceeds the invoice amount.  No returns for special orders.

If your order arrives damaged, please inform your carrier at the time of delivery and notify Woodcreek Drieds, Inc. asap (within 3 days of delivery).  Save all packing material for inspection by the carrier.  We will work with you to best resolve the problem.

Bunch Sizes

Because we are a wholesale dried flower company, we can offer our dried flowers in larger size bunches.  Please compare our sizes to what you might find in a retail store.  You will find that they are usually twice as large.  Also, because we get our flowers straight from the grower, they will be more fresh than what you will find in the store, giving you fresher colors and in some cases fresher fragrance.  We do our best to represent the same size bunch in our pictures.  Most of our products are in weighed bunches rather than stem count.  As with any product grown in nature, it is impossible to get exact stem counts, as all flowers grow differently. 

Availability & Harvest / Out of Stock

We do our best to list if an item is out of stock on our website.  Depending on the availability of the product with our grower, we may just be in between shipments.  However, some items may be out of stock until the next harvest.  If you are wondering about a specific product, please feel free to ask.

Dried flowers are a product of nature.  Dried flowers grow in fields and are considered a specialty crop, not like corn or soybeans, etc where there are many growers.  There are only a few select growers for most dried flowers in the United States.  As with most crops, dried flowers are harvested once, maybe twice a year.  There are many factors to determine how well a crop may do, the most important being the weather.  Once a crop is harvested and dried, that is what is available until the next harvest the following year.  We cannot guarantee a harvest or availability throughout the year.  We do our best to have enough of our products to last throughout the year but it is not always possible.  Please understand that a product that may have been available last year, or even last month, may not be available now.  There are many reasons why a product may not be available.  For example, another customer may have ordered a large quantity or what was left of our stock, and/or the harvest may not have done as well and so there was not as much available as in the past, (the weather plays a big role here).  As stated before, most crops are harvested once, maybe twice a year.  Dried flowers are not manufactured in a factory.

How to Care for Your Dried Flowers

Dried flowers can last for months, and some even years, in the best conditions.  Dried flowers are not "fresh flowers."  Do not put dried flowers in water or they will mold.  Dried flowers are for indoor use only.  Dried flowers will fade over time, especially if they are not dyed and preserved.  It is best to keep away from direct sunlight (to avoid fading colors), heat (to avoid drying out and becoming brittle), and humidity or moisture (to avoid drawing on moisture and molding).  You may also want to avoid high traffic areas, as some dried flowers do shed more than others.  Other natural enemies of dried flowers are moths and mice.  The best way to store you dried flowers is in a box on a shelf with some moth balls in a dry, climate controlled area, such as a closet or a garage (not a basement).  Moths can be found in many places, such as flour, dog food, cereal, and many other everyday items.  If you suspect moths have invaded your dried flowers or arrangements, the best way to help remedy the problem is to freeze the dried flowers or arrangement to kill any larvae that may be hiding in the flowers.



How many stems are in the bunch (ie. 4 oz, 6 oz, etc)?

All plants grow differently.  As with any plant grown in natural elements, the number of stems per bunch cannot be exact for most items.  Many plants branch out into many stems, so all stems will look and weigh differently.  How the branch is cut will also depend on the size.  We can try our best to give an estimate.  We do our best to show the actual size of the bunch in our pictures listed on the website.

How many bunches will I need for my arrangement, container, center piece, etc.?

The number of bunches needed for your design will all depend on 1. your arrangement or container, 2. how full you want the design to look, 3. the type of product, as all types grow differently and we have many different types, 4. the size of bunch, as all are in different size bunches and all grow differently.  We can give you our best guess but we will need to know what type of product you are planning to use.

Can I use your dried flowers for cooking or medicinal purposes?

No, our dried flower are to be used for DECORATIVE PURPOSE ONLY.  Our dried flowers are not edible and are not to be used for cooking or medicinal purposes.  Our dried flowers are not food grade.

Can I use your dried flowers to hang in the shower, such as eucalyptus or lavender?

No, flowers that are used to hang in a shower are fresh.  We do not sell fresh flowers, only dried.  Dried flowers are not meant to hang in the shower.  Dried flowers will shed over time, and so will clog your drain.  Eucalyptus and some of our other dried flowers have been dyed and preserved.  When in an area with lots of moisture, these dyed, dried flowers can "bleed" and can cause a mess of dye in your tub.  When dried flowers draw on moisture, they can also mold.  Our dried flowers are to be used for DECORATIVE PURPOSE ONLY.  

Can I use dried flowers for outside arrangements?

No, dried flowers are not meant to be used outside.  The elements (rain, wind, sun, etc) will destroy dried flowers.  When in an area with lots of moisture, dried flowers can "bleed" causing dye to drip.  Dried flowers will shed and break apart very easily outside.  When dried flowers draw on moisture, they can mold.  The sun will fade dried flowers and cause them to become more brittle.  Dried flowers are not meant for outside purposes.  Woodcreek Drieds, Inc. will not be held accountable for any damages when dried flowers are used outside.

Do you sell fresh flowers or plants?

No, we do not sell fresh flowers or plants.

Do you do wedding flowers?

No, we do not do weddings but we do offer our dried flowers for you to make your own arrangements.

Do you offer samples?

No, we do not offer samples but our dried flowers are available for purchase in single bunches.  You are not required to order cases of each item.



The images we provide have the most accurate color as possible.  However, due to differences in computer monitors, we cannot be responsible for variations in color between the actual product and your screen.

Colors may vary slightly due to dye lots.

Specifications, availability, policies, and prices subject to change without notice.

All items subject to seasonal availability.

When working with a product of nature, there is no guarantee of availability.  Most dried flowers grow in fields.  Most crops are harvested once per year.  Weather plays a big part on the success of the harvest.

Products are sold for decorative use only and are not edible.

Dried flowers are not meant for outside use.

In use of a product of nature there can be no guarantee each piece will be uniform or identical, either color, shape or size.

Woodcreek Drieds will not be held responsible for any damages done when our dried flowers are used for anything other than decorative use, in the appropriate conditions.  We will not be held responsible for damages done when our dried flowers are used outside or in a high-moisture area.

We are not and will not be held responsible for problems caused by conditions not under our control.

We understand the importance of privacy & security and for that reason we will not sell or give away anyone's information including email addresses.

Woodcreek Drieds, Inc. does reserve the right to deny any order seen fit in the best interest of the company.

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